We’re excited to share the material that goes into every littlethingshewear product. We are always committed to using anti-allergy coatings that will definitely make our jewelry even safer to use for children.

17K Yellow Gold

Each of our pieces of jewelry uses 17-carat gold, and specifically for yellow gold, there is a 24-carat gold layer. It has been coated with an anti-allergic layer, so it is very safe to use for those with sensitive skin.

17K White Gold

Just like yellow gold, white gold still uses 17-carat gold. We take great care in selecting the material to be used because we do not want to irritate the children’s skin. That’s why we use anti-allergy coatings that have been tested to be safe for anyone to wear, including children.


specially made for newborns, babies, and toddlers. Our invention comes from Olivia, our own daughter, who has sensitive skin. Then our story continues with satisfied parents after they use our products on their babies. And at this time, we are very proud to introduce Littlethingshewear as jewelry that is safe and comfortable for children.