Littlethingshewear x Sally&Piper present “UNDER THE SEA” series. Inspired by love and ocean, a collection of earrings, bracelets and pendants with meaningful story and characters to tell story of love.

With the mission to bring the safest jewelry product for children and all ages, Littlethingshewear choose to collaborate with Sally&Piper not only because of her illustration but also because of her consern, as mother, to always choose products that are safe for children.

with Love,

New Arrivals

As Sally & Piper dive deep into the mysterious ocean to uncover forgotten sea treasures, they find an enchanting and beautiful underwater world. From dazzling seahorses and intricate coral reef, to whimsical starfish and delicate seashell.

The adventure doesn’t stop there – as they plunge into the depths of the ocean, they discover a Mermaid pendant that creaptures the allure of mythical underwater creatures. As the journey unfolds, finally they meet the most majestic Mama Whale & her calf.

Sally&Piper spend the most memorable and exciting adventure, while the sea gives them the most meaningful treasures to commemorate this extraordinary voyage. 

Amare Loop-Hoop Pendant / Loop-End Earrings

Seahorse Earrings adorned with enchanting seahorses and intricate coral reef designs, a symbol of love & persitence.

Venus Loop-Hoop Pendant / Loop-End Earrings

The dazzling whimsical starfish and delicate shell shaped earrings, represent pride, beauty, strength & resilience.

Agape Bracelet

The true love, like a mother loves her child, like mama Whale loves its calf. A love that is uncinditional and cares without expectation.

Hiress Mermaid Necklace

Mermaid the princess of the sea, protectors of the ocean, A symbol of goodluck & protection.